Hey everyone here.

I've been playing the guitar for awhile. A few years.

I'm trying to start a group of people or a ****in band of crazy or not crazy metalheads.

We need a drummer, guitarist and a bassist. singer also.

For the drummer-plays alot of fast punk beats kind of like slayer but the crazy double bass is not needed if cant play slayer is fast. More of a Discharge, Hardcore Punk/Crossover beats.

For the guitarist. Any guitarist that plays fast metal with a touch of punk in it. Like a mix of morbid angels groove feeling with a touch of that really slow brutal death metal or scream bloody gore feel. As long as the guitarist can change from playing ultra fast to ultra slow

Bassist-Have groove. Play fast. Pick or fingers its all fine. Slapping/popping is awesome.

Singer thing-Grunt!!!! Scream!!! sing!! go crazy but have some skills to it and be able to last 30 minutes atleast. NO DEATHCORE/modern METALCORE SINGING
Try to live in Middletown NY, New York City or a part of jersey close to the NJ transit or PATH train.

Age range. 18-30 As long as your not some 14 year old brat or some 49 perv its all good how old or young you are. I'm 18.

How i play- I like to play alot of thrash metal and punk. fast chugging powerchords with pinches, some awesome riffs(cant all be good har har) fast tremolo picking etc etc. I cant shred like paul gilbert or van halen. I also cant do fast sweeps. i can do some sweeps in songs but not a full 1 minute sweep thing.

NO FAKE POSERS ALOUD. No 'modern' metalcore or that new **** deathcore. No generic breakdowns aka drop C chugga-a-lug for 2 minutes straight lol. its cool to like some modern metalcore/dethcore bands but if your whole playlist is that dont bother.

Also own your own amp and instrument. Have a source of money for transportation atleast, or a car... whatever it is.

JUST HAVE HEART and want to play shows.

If you drink/smoke its fine
If its dank bud its even better
-yo no crack/meth/heroin.

Peace guys.
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hi my name is kevin, im from uptown manhattan going to move soon to the yonkers area (going to mercy college in sept). im 17 gonna be 18 in sept aswell. i enjoy playing bass or guitar. my favorite bands are mastodon,Lamb of god, october tide (katatonia side project) municipal waste and bad brains, also misfits and the ramones,deftones but im open to alot of genres but mainly thrash,hardcore punk or death metal i basically have three playlist on my ipod. metal, punk and pop/alternative (beatles. red hot chili peppers etc).. i also listen to carribean music like bachata and merengue (i'm dominican) i don't smoke but i do enjoy an ice cold beer on a hot ny day.
hey man hit me up on AIM, im a bassist who loves to play fast music. some of my fav bands are, slayer, metallica, cannibal corpse, RHCP, & alot more but im from queens, N.Y