I've been playing guitar for around 3 or 4 months now, and I've grown comfortable with shifting open chords and can do some barre chords. However the only songs I can play are extremely simplified classical music. I want to be able to play real songs so that I can practice and improve my playing, but I have no idea what to start with.
Try starting with some simple acoustic songs, like Wonderwall by Oasis, Lost by Coldplay, or, for barre chord practice, Macy's Day Parade by Green Day.
Try smells like teen spirit, if you're into that stuff. And would you mind telling what classical music you learned exactly? (answering that question is not gonna help you at all, and is absolutely irrelevant to this thread, but I'd just like to know. )
Try some Black Sabbath songs. ie, Iron Man, Paranoid, Sweet Leaf, Black Sabbath(easiest song they made, the whole song is just one slow riff, and one fast riff) I find that their song are fun and easy, espcially for beginners.
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Thanks guys. Your responses have given me a bunch of songs to practice/learn.

For the person who asked I learned the tab for the Godfather (Not the Slash version, I just threw a bunch of tabs together). As well as Ode to Joy (Which I play like this):


That song is the epitome of my skill; Like I said I'm not very good. I also tried playing along with Wonderwall, and I realized that my ear sucks, and I can't strum very well. Any tips for either of those things?
For developing your ear start with simple things - and I mean simple. Like happy birthday simple. Simple songs you know inside out - work them out by ear. Then move onto simple songs, like pop songs off the radio with melodies that stand out.

Strumming is just practice. When I'm struggling I mute the strings with my fretting hand so I can just get the strumming pattern down without making horrible noises. Then, when my strumming is sorted, I put my fretting hand back into play. Up strokes can be a pig at first
There are a few strumming patterns that are frequently used in classic-easy songs, once that you've got them, that's it, you can apply them to a lot of tunes.

Then you'll have the next step of strumming, that's where Dave Matthews, Donavon Frankenreiter and guys like them will be entering the scene.
The good thing is you can tell when its not right. That means with alot of practice you will be able to get there. Learning to play the guitar is enjoyable but not as quick as you would think.