The paint on my black Nashville Telecaster got damaged during our last gig and I've been pondering over the idea to repaint the tele.
Problem is, I need some ideas. I am 99% sure I'll paint it white but I want something more to it. It needs some kind of graphic or special paintjob.
I want it to look quite vintage, slightly worn. I also thought of adding a pin-up girl to the paintjob.

I've spent the last few days searching google, devaintart, ... for some decent pictures of custom painted guitars and graphics that would suit my tele. I've found some pictures but I'm still not happy with it. Do any of you know good examples of websites where there are alot of pictures of custom painted teles so I can get some inspiration? (I already checked the whole Gear customizing gallery). Ideas are also very welcome.

Secondly, I have a practical question. For the graphic, I wouldn't spraypaint it on, but use a printed sticker. The stickers are printed with a inkjet printer. Problem is that they aren't waterproof. I had a homeprinted sticker on my car and after a rainstorm the ink was gone. Will this be a problem? I would paint the guitar white, then add the sticker and apply a couple of layers of clear coating. I would like to know if the picture will stay as it is or will it react with the clear coating?
If you want it to look vintage and it just got damaged, then why not leave it and continue to let it get naturally damaged instead? Not sure about the whole graphic's idea though... It's your guitar in the end I suppose.
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Yeah, but all my guitars were black and I'd like something different. Seems like the perfect time to change the colour.