Ok so I got this dreaded spyware wallpaper. It tells me that I'm infected and all this **** about spyware and whatnot. I don't care about the wallpaper. I can deal with spyware but the thing is, I can't run a damn thing. I can get to my desktop but I'm very limited on what I can do. Everything I try, it says in a balloon in the bottom right hand corner that the file needed to do what I want is infected. (Example..I tried a system restore and a balloon popped up saying "blahblah.dll is infected") I cannot open firefox, I tried booting my windows CD to reinstall it, it said those file are infected as well, which they obviously aren't. I can browse my C: drive and stuff so maybe I can delete it manually. Like I said, it would be gone but I can't open the internet so can't download any anti-virus/spyware software to get rid of it. Please help.
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Boot it in safe mode, run clam win portable off a flash drive, computer thread.
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You have to delete everything Go and delete a system tools such as ntfs.sys and then restsrt the computer, then run the reboot/recovery disk. It happened to me the other day, and you are left with nothing, so save those pictures/music.

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use firefox.

i dont even bother with any outside spyware blocker etc that isnt part of firefo and i dont get viruses
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sorry for being ignorant but how do you boot it in safe mode? When the dell logo pops up I can hit f2 for the boot menu and I did and didn't see anything about safe mode. or I can hit f12 which bring me to a screen for booting CDs and USB things.
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f8 brings up the safemode menu
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Go here

I once had an adware problem and went to one such forum dedicated to removing it. Just create an account and post your problem. You'll soon get someone on your case who'll guide you through each step in bringing your PC back to normal.

deludedit: This is the site I'd gone to.
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