Alrighty, I had an interesting thing happen after a gig tonight.

Firstly, I am the lead guitarist, singer and songwriter in my band. The singing and songwriting duties are shared between myself and the bassist, whom formed the band in the first place. I was called in because they needed a lead guitarist. I am also the most experienced of the band and organise all gigs, arrange all songs and sort out any internal problems the band has, including putting people into line and mediating etc.

Anyways, we show up at this pub that we've played at before and there's some dudes drinking out the back, they claim they work in the pub. We're like "ok". I walk around the front, talk to the manager of the bar to let us get our gear to the stage through the back.

They open up the back and as we cart our gear to the stage and back again a couple of times. Once all the gear is out of the cars and inside I lock the door.

Play the gig, all good.

At the end of the gig, the rest of the band disappears with their gear out the back. They drive off never to be seen again. Right! Well as I'm also the spokesperson for the band I go to talk to the promoter to thank him for letting us play. He says, "come sit next to me for a second" and taps the bench next to him. I've seen that combination of words and action before - it's what a boss would do if they were going to fire you. Weird - I thought we were ok :P

Promoter: Look, the bar staff told me you snuck people and alcohol in here
Alan: Umm, what? No, if someone came in, it wasn't us.
Promoter: Well actually, it could only have been you. I know and trust everyone else who played here tonight.

At that point I remembered the people out the back.

Alan: Oh, I think I know what happened. I can understand why it looks like we did. When we parked there were some guys drinking out the back, and when we'd finished carting our gear in, they weren't out there anymore. They may have come in while we were doing it. We have nothing to gain ourselves by sneaking in people or alcohol.
Promoter: Oh! I get it now! (The mood of the conversation immediately changed). Well this has been a problem in the past, bands sneaking in people. Next time this happens make sure that the pub knows that the people are in no way connected to you - reputation is paramount.
Alan: Sure thing! Thanks for the heads up! I wasn't even thinking about it when I came in.
Promoter: All good. Contact me on Monday for more gigs, new bookings just opened, you guys played well tonight.

Lesson learnt - always stick around and thank the manager and/or promoter of the venue once you've finished your set. We just got very close to being blacklisted without even knowing it.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
wow, good tip I guess - I mean, obviously sticking around and talking to the promoter is good practice anyways but that just shows how important it really can be!
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Good story. Better advice.

Of course, what often happens is that you HAVE to stick around and talk to them at the end of the night, because they have your money, and that's when you get it.

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