Poll: Favourite Browser ?
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Safari 4
2 5%
Mozilla Minefield
0 0%
Google Chrome
2 5%
Opera 9.6/10
2 5%
Internet Explorer 8
5 14%
Mozilla Firefox
26 70%
Voters: 37.
Which, of the above poll options is your favourite browser and why.

I'm currently using IE (Internet Explorer) which is standard to windows. I hear Safari 4 smashes the sh!t out of it, so i thought before downloading it i would like to hear what the pit has to offer.


the stats on this site show safari 4 to be the clear winner.
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iv tried many (firefox, ie, chrome, opera, konquerer) and idk why but i just like firefox the best. chrome was eh and opera was good but lacked some frills firefox has. never tried safari though.
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I use Firefox, but Safari is technically the best at translating code into what you see on screen.
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The one that has a searchbar.

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I used to use Safari, but it crashed too much, and Facebook doesn't work on it (even the newest version), so I'm back on Firefox again.

I ran a benchmark test on all my browsers quite recently, with Firefox coming out on top for jsut about everything, closely followed by Safari on some, and leaving Opera in the dust.

I'm running Mac OS X btw.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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I've got Safari 4 on my mac and I like it. Nothing special other than that it's faster. I still use Firefox on my laptop.
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The one that has a searchbar.


Good on you man, thanks heaps for posting that
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Retards are God's way of telling you you could be worse off, AND entertaining you at the same time!
firefox, its just plain better than all of the other ones. opera is a close second tho, IMO.
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Google Chrome!
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