just wanted constructive cristicism on my guitar solo. The solo is in my profile under Random guitar solo or something along those lines advice and criticism is welcome.
were you adhering to any sort of scale? its very fast and all but its mostly just a few very fast licks repeated with no obvious melody.
sorry man seems ultra critical and your chops are great, but it's not as much a solo as a a series of exercises.
*scratches head*

your solo is lacking some very important things:

1. structure

a guitar solo should NOT be wanking. it should be a piece of music, that flows and starts at one plays, flows gently or agressively to wherever you want it to go.

2. precision

your playing is not bad, but it's not excellent, either. one of the things that sets a decent player apart from an awesome player is perfection. you're hitting too many bad notes and I don't think you recorded to a click, either, so the timing was all over the place.

3. tone

you have what I like to call "bee"-like tone, it's fuzzy and too treble-y. how did you record this? direct guitar-cable-microphone input of computer? if you're using any kind of interface, work on tweaking the tone either digitally or manually on your amp.

I know it was just a "random" guitar solo, but that's like me crapping on a piece of paper and saying it's "random" art, you know?

EDIT: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1160801 crit back?
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