Okay, so I know how to do pinch harmonics. I am curious, though, how many different tones/notes you can get from one note(if that makes sense). For example, one Van Halen's song "Right Now," the solo starts with 8 pinch harmonics all played on the second fret of the 3rd string. However, their tones are B, G, E, C#, B, A, G, E. Is it possible to get all these tones without using the whammy bar or bends to change the pitch of the pinch harmonics? Thanks.
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The natural harmonics of E are (as far as I know) E, B and G#, and pinch harmonics are actually nothing more than playing the natural harmonics of a fretted note with your thumb. So no, you can't. (correct me if I'm wrong here, I'm not exactly sure)

Oh no, I kind of thought you were talking about the D string, silly me.
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Strike the string in different positions to create the different tones.