Look at the Modded HH squier in my sig. If I wad to sell it (Which I might, or might not) How much do you think I could get for it? I payed $100 for it new, plus $200 for all the upgrades, the body is basswood and not plywood and it plays much better than a standard stock Squier.

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Around this depending on how well you sell it and who you sell it to.
Thanks for the info,=. I might do what I usually do when selling something, put it up at a high price and gradually bring it down until I get an offer.
I'd say don't sell it unless you REALLY have to. You did a pretty good job with that guitar, the finish is brilliant.
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Yeah, I think going through the trouble of selling it is not going to be worth it. You probably won't get much more than 200 anyway, so why not keep it? It looks cool and is a token of your guitar surgery expertise.
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I think you'll be lucky to get anywhere near what its worth. Most people who are looking to buy a squier are looking for their first guitar, and won't understand how much better your modded squier is than the brand new bullet they saw in GC, so I doubt you'll get offered much more than $100 for it, purely because the people who would appreciate her won't even see the ad.

You did a sweet job of modding her, and even if you get back what it cost you it doesn't cover the work you put in - can't you keep her?

Good luck getting a decent price if you do decide to sell.
I'm not going to sell it, it sounds really good now and has special meaning because I customized it myself I was just wondering what people would think it's worth out of curiosity, I'm defiantly keeping it.