What's the difference between fuzz, drive, distortion, and gain?

And, is the Bootsy Collins fuzz/wah pedal worth the ~120$?
all of those are created by adding gain to a signal, which cause the sound to be to "loud" when amplified which causes clipping.

overdrive- starts to clip
distortion- clips more
fuzz- clips even more
Fuzz has much harsher clipping than distortion or OD (distortion is just masses of OD), while OD and distortion tend to have smoother clipping.
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The Bootsy Collins wah/fuzz is alright. Ive owned it for maybe a year now, its built pretty solid but if you plan on using the wah and fuzz at the same time, it isn't happening. Other than that I like it.
uhh, this is how i've come to 'understand' it, as far as how you would apply the words to describe like, an effects pedal or something. but the words are somewhat interchangable, it's a bit of a grey area...
overdrive - soft clipping
distortion - hard clipping
fuzz - (heavy) hard clipping; almost square wave.

gain - how much something is amplified, most of the time with the implication that it results in more hard or soft clipping along with the increase in volume.

distortion can also apply to, digital distortion and things.