its been a while since i been here. i quit music but now im thinking of jumping back in. but i wanna do it right. guitars and amps i like instead of just getting junk.

i need a little help on a guitar i got my eye on. the epiphone les paul studio goth. i liek the look but i need someone to tell me a little more about it. how close is its neck to a lp customs?

this is the first one.

the second one (and im getting it later is the epiphone les paul prophecy ex custom. i love the look and. custom necks are my favorite since playing on the epi zw custom.
My friend got a LP prophecy and absolutley hated it at first, its got a starnge feeling neck which id compare to almost a rough plastic feel and only 2 tone knobs due to it being a competitor with esp's rather than gibsons, but now hes slowly fell in love with it.

I'd go to a store and check them out
When you are past the stage of noob, you then become a geek.....

Epiphones are the way forward! <3