Well I'm getting $500 at the end of summer and am thinkin about getting a new amp. I'm pretty set on the B-52 AT 100 Head at the moment. I play a pretty wide range of music but go into the heavier stuff more often than not. Any opinions on this or any other amps in my price range?
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the 6505+ combo that's coming out soon is gonna be around $680 if you can shell out a little more

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^looks pretty sweet but I dunno if I can scrap an extra $200 We'll see what happens. Any other suggestions?
"My jedi powers are far more superior than yours"
Do you honestly need a head? If you get a combo you will most likely get more for your money.

And what do you mean heavier stuff? I know you mean metal, but metal is a very general term. What kind of metal? Death metal? Metalcore? Thrash? etc.
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