do any of you know any good John Mayer songs to learn? medium difficulty would be best. thanks
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Why Georgia is one that takes only a little time to learn the main riff, but because of the string click thing, and the way it flows it takes a while to get to the point where you play it all the way fluidly while also singing. Its a really good song and makes for a great one to just start playing out of the blue on either acoustic, reso, or electric.
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Waiting on the world to change
(my personal favourite to play) Who did you think I was?
Slow dancing in a burning room
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i find good love is on the way a pretty fun one to play
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Heaven forbid he make a new thread; its not like this subforum is a place of vibrant activity.

I consider myself a bad guitarist and I've found Slow Dancing in a Burning Room to be pretty easy. Haven't gotten singing and playing down yet though.