I'm going to get a new guitar soon because I'm really tired of my squire strat. I like to play hard rock stuff like Breaking Benjamin but also some classic rock stuff. I want a guitar in the les paul sort of shape but I'm not to sure about the epiphone les paul. I've heard that the epiphone les paul studio is kind of junk. The most important thing to me is a guitar that can stay in tune and has a great sound with or without destortion.
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If you can scrounge up a bit more $$ you could try for the LTD EC-400.
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To to guitar center nd get urself a nice used RG
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RG, but you could get better gear buying used. I got a Michael Kelly Patriot Custom for $329 on eBay. Look on your local craigslist and on eBay, you may find a great deal.
I would definitely not buy an Ibanez or an Epiphone. The Epiphone les pauls have cheap electronics and the other guitarist in my band had one that the tuning key broke on. Ibanezs are cheap toys and i have no idea why people like them so much. I would buy a Dean Evo.
I would buy used if I were you. I got the RR3 in my sig for only $400 because I bought used. Great Guitar, even greater price.
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Yeah go for a LTD like what Bean-o said, they're pretty much made for heavy stuff or you could get a Jackson or if you can get one of (Ebay wouldn't advise it) but a Charvel.....if you wanna look like you been left behind from the 80's lol
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Agile AL-3100. Best bang for the buck guitar on the market IMO.


Might want to wait until the end of the month when he gets new stock in though. Not much selection right now.
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