i've been looking at getting a good wah for me to use, because the only one i have is on my pod xt live, which i'm using only for fx in my half stack (sig)

i play everything from some jazz, to death metal, to classic rock and ska, i'm just wondering which of these would be "the best" for such eclectic styles, i know it's just personal preference, but i just want to get some opinions on what i'm currently looking at, i would prefer to stay under $250 USD, but the fulltone is above that, i know, if it comes suggested enough i'll get that though

the wahs in question:

1: Fulltone Clyde Deluxe
2: Vox Big Bad wah
3: Dunlop 535q
4: dunlop crybaby from hell, dimebag
5: ibanez wd-7 weeping demon,

i'm looking for a wide range of styles, and something that can do both clean and high distortion well, and if you have another idea, please, feel free to let me know, i'm wanting a wah that can do things from trivium to clapton, to satriani, to metallica

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Personally, I love the Dime wah. It's a lot more versatile than the signature name would suggest, trust me. I'm absolutely sure you'd be able to tweak it to get the sounds you're looking for.
Since you like so many styles, i'd suggest 2 wahs

-Morley Bad Horsie 2 or Ibanez Weeping Demon for metal

-Budda Budwah or RMC4 Picture Wah for your classic rock needs

But, a Dunlop 535Q is very versatile for the money and could handle all of your styles, but it won't be perfect.

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The clyde was the first thing to come to mind. Check ebay for a deal on one!
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I have the budwah pedal, sounds good. Not much range and the volume increases a little. Have you tried the digitech whammy? A lot of cool effects built in. Don't know how the sound is though...
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^The Whammy isn't a wah pedal, it's a harmonizer/pitch shifter

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The BOSS V-Wah is an excellent wah modeller. You can save three presets, and it models the Vox V___ wah, the Morley Bad Horsie and the Crybaby, with other stuff as well. I've gigged with it extensively and used it in recordings, check out "Smoke and Mirrors" on here:


That uses the Bad Horsie model.
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