Ok guys, I got a question for y'all.

Is it cheaper to either build or buy your pedalboard/pedalcase?

I was thinking of buying one but all the ones I see are like £50, and so if I built it, what would I need? Has anyone else built theirs? What materials did you use? Did you use a tutorial? etc. etc.

Also, one more question, how do you attach your pedals to your board? Because I don't really wanna use velcro... on most of my pedals it says "remove the rubber and install velcro" but I really don't wanna do that. Thanks.
build, and velcro is the way to go, why dont you want to use it
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Do you have access to some lumber and a table saw, or any power saw? Also, just attach the velcro to the rubber bottom anyways...
id say make your own if your not taking it around with you constantly as i doubt you can make a nice folding one if you can then make one if not buy one

velcro s a good idea for holding your pedals down any particular reason you don't want to do it?

magnets could would but that might interfere with the pedals
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I"ve both bought and built them. there are advatanges to both. I like building mine more though. it's cheaper an IMO unless you go really expensive much more durable than the cheaper bought ones.

I like velcro but I've seen lots of people use zip ties
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build.. find anything flat and the size that you want... wood is the common choice but if you find any slab, it'll work fine... then cover it in a small piece of carpet.. you want it to resemble the fuzzy side of velcro, because they you just get velcro tape and put it on the back of your pedals... you can also screw on a power strip to power it all.
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Thanks for the info guys, the reason why I don't wanna remove the rubber is because I dunno, its awesome and the velcro is just velcro and when it is not on a pedalboard it will be stuck to the carpet. If I put velcro tape on the rubber then after a while remove the tape will it leave any residue?
making one yourself is probably cheaper, and you can customize it however you want
You can remove residue with a solution called, "Goo gone." I would not remove the rubber feet. I put my velcro on the bottom of the rubber feet and it works great.
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You can remove residue with a solution called, "Goo gone." I would not remove the rubber feet. I put my velcro on the bottom of the rubber feet and it works great.

Ok, cheers man.

Anyone here use a specific tutorial?
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Theres a few Ikea builds out there.. Heres the one I came up with and really like it.. Also no tools needed and cheap as hell..

What is that called at Ikea? Another Ikea one is the GORM shelf.
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With a wood pedalboard you could use the bike chain method...

Get a bike chain, and use the outer plates.
(you can also just buy these by themselves at some hardware stores)

Remove the top two screws holding the back cover of the pedal.

Re-insert the screws through the chain link and back into the pedal.

Use wood screws to screw down the links.

Voila. Rock solid, no pedal modification at all...