Quick question, one of my friend's who formed his own band invited me to go to a gig of his last week, and he played pretty much just mostly old-school thrash covers, like early Metallica stuff. And I noticed during one of the songs (I think it was Motorbreath) he ended up doing his own solos instead of playing the solos written by Kirk Hammett.

So this leads to my question, do you guys like it (or do it yourselves) when someone plays their own solo over a cover song? Personally I liked it.
I think alot of the time it depends on the solo, see I completly and utterly understand and respect the guitar player for improvising. Especially if they take a song with a sort of crappy solo and make it great. I also understand that they may not be able to play the original and so they improv it. Personally I prefer improv, it you gives it your own little touch.
Be creative, break out of the norm
Sometimes it doesn't even matter if it's conventional as long as it sounds awesome to you then let know one stop you.
seeing as most people dont even do the original solo when they play their own songs live, i say yes i like it better that way.

that being said, i think some songs need to have certain parts the same. like really popular songs like sweet child o mine. people are expecting to hear that same solo every time. usually after the first part of the solo people make it up. usually i try to find some licks i think are important to the song but also try to add my own stuff.