The lyrics to this I posted in the Songwriting forums a few days ago, and now I finally have the whole thing recorded and in my profile.

I was looking for some crit on the guitar riff and solo (3:25). And vocals if you want, but I'm not much of a singer lol. I know that.

C4C as well, just let me know.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
The rythm guitar is basic strumming : well done, but nothing special to it.
I liked the solo. It is well built meaning that it keeps the attention of the listener.
I feel the song would at least require a bass line too...
Globaly : Well done

Thx for critting "X" and "Y".
If you have the time, feel free to crit also my 2 acoustic tracks :
thanks for the crit. nice work man. i like the vibe.nice simple sounding chords. i though the vocals were decent. not bad at all, youre actualy a good singer. this song hit the spot for me. good job man. i love the feel of this. you can tell it comes from the heart. good song.