I have an acoustic guitar, but it came with an amp. I need to know, what things can you do with an electric, but not with an acoustic/electric guitar?
When my first electric guitar broke, and I only had my acoustic, and electric-acoustic, I plugged it into my amp, and turned on my metal effects pedal, and it actually sounded suprisngly like a real guitar. (lolrunonsentence)
electric guitars play a lot differently.. the strings are easier to bend/faster in general, easier to press down too. also, the pickups are different. an acoustic electric is mainly for making your acoustic guitar louder if you play a show. an electric guitar is basically made to have distortion and effects
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electrics have much thinner strings which are easier to bend and generally faster to play, they seem to make hammer-ons and pull-offs less loud though. They also hurt your fingers less when starting out.

you will be able to get similar sounds out but they are played very differently for the simple reason they are different to play.
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not seen an acoustic with a floating trem yet or any kinda trem..........
seen one with fine tuners and a locking nut though.
you can play a acoustic in the middle of nowhere and not have to worry about taking a amp with you (i know there`s battery powered amps....)