I listened to their CD "We Were Dead Before The Ship Sank", and I think they are an awesome band, but I need feedback from other people so I can determine if MM really does rock out.
Good band but ruined for me by my wife playing them non-stop for a month.
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Yeah I really really liked them a couple of years ago, but my girlfriend started raping them.

We've broken up since, and I've not listened to them in a few months... Might have to play some again.

EDIT: OK so I have 'Little Motel' on... And I've fallen in love with them again. RESULT
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i like their older stuff personally.. though i do like the song "Dashboard"

check out Float On, that's my favorite song by them
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its one of those albums where i can just sit back and listen to the whole thing all the way through

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Yeah they're amazing, but if I were you I'd listen to some older stuff to make sure you like their style. Listen to The Lonesome Crowded West or Interstate 8 to get a feel.
If you think they're awesome then that's all you need. My friends think they're a "homosexual" band for not being like Pig Destroyer, Decapitated, Immortal, and other bands that don't have a need for actual lyrics, but I think they're rad. Listen to some of their older stuff like The Moon and Antarctica or Long Drive; their old sound felt a lot more personal to me.
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Got into them about 3 months ago, I got Good News For People Who Love Bad News first, and loved it. Then I moved on to The Moon And Antarctica, which I like even more. They're one of those bands that are instantly likeable, but it takes a lot of plays to ever get tired of them. There are some damn witty lyrics too. I downloaded The Lonesome Crowded West the other day, haven't got round to giving it a proper listen yet though.

i actually quite like the new ep even though i hated we were dead. Songs like King Rat and Whale song are amazing. Its still not M&A or LCW but its an interesting new direction for them to go into.
I hated them when they got more recognized a couple years ago (when Float On became like a huge hit and such) but recently I've discovered some good material by them.

Check out Good News For People Who Love Bad News and The Moon and Antarctica, which I think are their best two CDs
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I watched that a couple weeks ago. Really cool. It has a special little vibe to it, especially the end.

'we were dead..' made me want to hurt people; i'm slightly optimistic that they aren't doomed forever to churn out garbage after hearing 'whale song.'