Is there any reason for amps to be more than 50 watts nowadays? Every club I've played in mics the amps, so you end up playing with the amp quieter and most of the volume coming from the PA. I've never turned my 100W heads past 3 or 4, and everyone says tube heads sound better cranked. Why dont they make more amps in the 'under 50w' range to allow for people to crank them, and not have everyone buy an attenuator?
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is there any reason for them to be more than 30 watts?

the only thing is that the tone of the amp does change when you mic it.
Because people think they need a million Watts, and so long as they're willing to pay ridiculous prices for them, the companies are more than happy to oblige the idiots of the world. (This coming from a guy whos about to buy a 60W tube.)
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Headroom, larger transformer effect on tone, etc.

Companies are starting to make more low wattage tube amps though. Ten years ago your only option for a new amp under 10 watts was a pro junior. Now there are tons of small tube amps.
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Those are all rather new amps.
Headroom is more importantly a measure of headroom than volume. The whole LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOL WHY U NEED 1000000000000000000w LOLOL thing is so old and worn out, not to mention just plain dumb. If you're going to try to insult someone for getting a 100W amp for the headroom not volume (volume difference is marginal), do some reading, because calling them an idiot is nothing short of ironic *cough*
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High wattage amps, at least in my opinion, seem to have a nicer sound to them. I've yet to hear a 5 watt that can sound like a 100 watt Marshall stack, and if there is one please point me in that direction because I can't afford a stack (nor do I need one...but they sound sooo sweet). The additional components in higher wattage amplifiers allow for greater control over the tone during the design process so a 100 watt with an attenuator may sound better than a 15 without one (although I've never used an attenuator so I really have no idea).
It's frustrating, I agree. I wanted a JSX, but I had no need for a 120W combo. I'd never be able to crank it to get that drive. It'd just be too loud when I finally got to the really nice distorted sound. I settled with a 50W Valveking, which hopefully will be followed by a Satchurator. That'll probably be good enough as a JSX for me.
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The volume difference in a 50 watt head to 100-120 is marginal. Its all about the headroom and transformer.

If I play metal and I have the option of a 5,50 or 100 watt amp it will be the 100 everytime. More headroom and alot better tone. I've tested multiple amps and the higher wattage models always sound better at the same volume level.

That stated if I wanted classic rock and power tube saturation then yes I would choose something with less headroom for that purpose.

Also even a cranked 1/4 watt tube amp can be to loud for most homes so why knock me because you have a 30 watt amp you cant crank compared to my 120 watt I cant crank nor want to crank.