what exactly are locking tuners?
Everyone says "they rock" and I see them on many guitars...

Little help, anyone?
Tuners with padlocks on them, so no one can steal your strings.

No, seriously, my guitar has them but I'm not exactly sure how to describe it :/
Do you mean like a locking nut? That locks the strings in at the nut if you have a floating bridge.

Or I think theres a thing where you can lock the tuning pegs...have never actually seen that though...
the hole on the tuning peg that you put the string through clamps down on the string
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A locking tuner is wear there is a pin type thing inside the tuning peg that can be tightened down to lock the string in. This way you don't have to wrap the strings around the peg a million times.
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they lock the strings and keep them in tune
its like a locking nut but you can tune your guitar with the machine heads but it still dont hold the tuning like a locking nut
theyre great for vintage tremolo or non tremolo guitars
I know what a locking nut is, so there's no confusion there...

So what do you do? Like, pull the machine head out to retract the "pin" thing and then push it back in to "lock" it?