Hey guys, I need to know if the fender strat, squire strat, and the squire bullet strat pick guards are the same on all of them or what ones interchange.
The pickguards are interchangable so long as they have 11 screw holes, but the pickup covers, whammy-bar tip, and pickup selector tip aren't. Squier's have a larger whammy-bar tip, a smaller pickup-selector tip, and the pole-pieces on the pickups don't align. I had to use the bit from a chainsaw file to make my Fender pickup covers fit my Squier strat.
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I think you can tell by the number of screw holes, but there are at least 3-4 different ones. I know there's an 11 and 13 hole, and maybe more for some of the custom shop and reissue models. Most of the online pickguard stores have guides for fitting them, though.