im just bored so i thought i might give you all sumthin to laugh about so here goes

i was at wal mart like 30 minutes ago and this chick i have only talked to once or twice was setting outside and we have this thing where when i see her i ask her her age cause of a previous encounter lol. so i asked her how old she was and her friend setting next to her laughed so she said old enough to be your mother.then she asked me how old i was and i replied old enough you can call me daddy lol.then her friend who is butt ugly said hey man call her when your balls drop and i replied hey you call me when some guy is desparate enough to let you see his balls.i know it sounds like i was mean but i thought it was funny as hell.
I don't know what to say...
Sunn O))):
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You could always just sleep beside your refrigerator.

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I like your lack of correct punctuation.
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