So i have a epiphone les paul standard.
i have a aera(think thats right) semi/ hollow body
i have a kustom quad dfx65.

my question is.

im gonna sell my 360 on craigs list.

and im gonna get 400-500dollars.

im eather gonna buy the vox tone lab ST
or a metal guitar.(ibanez, PRS, Jackson)

so basically im asking you guys what you think i should get.

support a logical reason to please
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and im gonna get 300-400 dollars.

You're not gonna get 300-400 dollars.
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You're not gonna get 300-400 dollars.

its not justa 360 its alot of other stuff 120gig hard drive 12 games a wireless controller perfect condition all get 400-500
Even that being said, You'll actually be lucky to get $200.

Resale value on electronics, ESPECIALLY game consoles really isn't too great.

And your probably not going to find a PRS for under $800
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you defiantly wont get that much for a 360
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You may get $350 for an xbox and all that gear. Buy you can get a PRS guitar for under $800.

It totally depends on what you want. I wouldn't suggest the Vox Tonelab anyway. Combining it with a Solid State amp is not recommended. It just masks over your tone and adds nothing to the core sound but fizz.
If you are not happy with your tone, buy a new amp. If you are not happy with your guitar, buy a new guitar.
1. Learn English and Grammar
2. Get a job instead of selling your stuff, you won't get the money you want
3. ???
4. PROFIT!!!!!!!

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