But I was thinking of ordering some guitar parts off of Warmoth, and I just need to know if I've forgotten anything.

Body - Rhoads styled V or a Flying V
Neck - V styled Neck
Bridge - Gotoh Tune O matic
Machine Heads - Gotoh Vintage tuners
Volume knob - Chrome Round top
Deep Panel Stereo Jack
2 humbucker mounting rings
500K volume Pot, By CTS
2 Strap holders
3-Way Blade Switch
2 humbucking pick-ups (still pondering on what pick-ups to get)

Now my questions are:-
do the necks come fretted or do I need to buy the fret wire?
Will I need to buy individual screws for some of the things?
What will I need wiring wise?

Thanks - Craig.
Everything that needs screws should come with. For wiring, a soldering iron, some solder and probably some needlenose pliers with a wire cutter on them, oh yeah, some connecting wire as well, preferably multicore, as in, more than one strand of wire inside the insulation.
And yeah, I believe you can choose what type of frets you want on the necks from Warmoth.

Jolly Good Edit: I also believe that a stereo jack isn't necessary unless you have active pickups, anyone else feel free to correct me, I'm pretty sure it's like that though.
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They come fretted I do believe. All the stuff should come with the mounting hardware, including screws. If not, just go down the hardware store and get what you need.

Well for wiring, you'll need some 18 gauge wire (I think?), and some capacitors. I'm not going to go into detail really. Google it, there is a ton of stuff out there. There are also countless posts in this forum that have better info than I can throw out at ya!

Go to Seymour-Duncan's website too, they have wiring diagrams for just about everything you'll ever need to wire up. It's a great source for wiring diagrams.

Other than that, it looks like you have it all.
Depending on your budget, GFS have some good cheap humbuckers.

EDIT: Hey, we all have to learn somewhere.
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An Augmented 4th or a Diminished 5th?

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You, fine sir, have impeccable taste.

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If you plan on finishing the guitar yourself then you need to get that stuff too, don't know if the body you're getting is prefinished or not.

Best of luck too