i have a peavey classic 30 and a fender HSS strat. i have heard the peavey is very good with pedals, so i was thinking of getting some. problem is, i don't know what i want. currently i own a dunlop crybaby wah, but no other pedals. im looking for 1-2 more. I dont really use "effects", im more looking for pedals to improve my sound. I play rock, mostly classic rock. just recommend me some pedals that you guys like and helped your sound. 150-200 dollars or less per pedal please.
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Delay is nice for solos, chorus is also cool for thicker clean sound
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Visual Sound Route 66

Unless he needs a compressor, I'd get the Route 808 instead. Much better tone than the OD side of the 66, IMO.


Fulltone OCD or Maxon/Ibanez 808

Overdrives are win.
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get an MXR 10-band EQ. i have one, and it's really useful no matter what style you play.

i've also got an EHx Stereo Electric Mistress which is a cool flange/chorus pedal. it's digital, but it sounds quite organic. also, being digital lets it do awesome things with the stereo outputs
All I use is a crybaby. Most of your sound comes from your technique, alot of effects just sound like they're trying to cover the technique.

Also, dont buy effects just to get effects, buy the ones you like the sound of first. I suggest listening to what your favourite players use, and look into getting the specific effect. Dont just buy for the sake of it dude!
Digitech RP350. It give you evrything you want and you can create even more. It has a tuner, over 100 effects, a drum machine, and a wah pedal. $200 at Guitar Center. I love mine. The only bad part is that it can be hard to switch from diffrent effects. Or you could spend $100 more and get the Digitech RP500. I has like 200, i believe, effects and everything else is the same. The main difference is that is has pedals that turn effect on and of very easily. There both great investments. THe Digitech RP1000 is also great but definatly out of your price range

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Quote by chainsawguitar
All I use is a crybaby. Most of your sound comes from your technique, alot of effects just sound like they're trying to cover the technique.

What? you can do natural flanger just with your playing!? Teach me the technique right now!
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