Okkkk so i need some songs to learn. Im wanting clean guitar in it, maybe mild crunch, but nothing too much. not warm clean stuff like john mayer, but some upbeat bright clean stuff. Like sweet home alabama. thats a good example. i have a strat btw.

They can't be too hard. I've been playing a year and a half, and am ok.

The reason i dont know any songs to learn... is i mainly listen to metal and blues. but im almost wanting more countryish (is lyrnd skynyrd country?) type music.

Any ideas?
Freebird. Seriously, its not too hard when you work on it for a while and find the repetition.
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Eric Clapton songs maybe?


WonderFull tonight, cool song.. A real LadyKiller

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Lynyrd Skynyrd is Southern Rock. Them, the Allman Bros., .38 Special, and Molly Hatchet are all great southern rock bands. The Chili Peppers do a lot of up beat clean stuff, but are definitely not country-ish at all. More like Funk on steroids.
Back to Eric Clapton...

Tears in Heaven = GREAT song...

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under the bridge by RHCP would be good. it's fairly easy
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yeah unda the bridge is an awesome one to learn
Wonderful Land. The Shadows. The first song I learned. Easy and fun. Your strat and a delay would be perfect.
+1 on eric johnson. tons of good stuff there, for cleaner stuff, off the top of my head, trademark, manhattan, desert rose.

srv is great. ditto the shadows. buddy holly is good too.

for more country-ish stuff, maybe some eagles?
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Are we talking acoustic songs or clean electric?
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