I'm wanting to gather a toolbox for all guitar related tools.

This is a thread to list all the necesities, from guitar specific tools like a peg winder to multiipurpose tools like a screw driver.
Duct Tape.
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Mine includes the following:

Philips head screw driver, allan keys, solder, three colors of wire, 6" steel rule, peg winder, capo, feeler guages, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, soldering iron, random guitar parts, extra picks.
Toothpicks for filling stripped strap-holes.
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soldering iron FTW
it's so fun to mod a guitar

Or when the wiring gets f***ed on the input jack. Or in cables.
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wire cutter are a big one, you may also want some fretboard polish, maybe some nut files, and some nut blanks too why not, tremelo springs, decent chromatic tuner
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