This thing is really easy to use if you want a straight up cleean sound right from your guitar but i dont. I want to run it like this:
guitar----(normal instument cable)--------Digitech RP90-------------(lighsnake cable)-----------------Laptop USB input
What software should i use for this, it doesnt need to be free. help? please?
When I first started out I had an RP unit and a Lightsnake. It was my understanding that the Lightsnake cable (and similar StealthPlug) were designed to take a guitar signal ONLY and convert that into something a computer could understand (Ie Guitar to PC only). Now it does have a built in splitter so technically you can send your signal to an amp of some kind so you can hear yourself play.

Unfortunately, I never got my Lightsnake to work properly with Microsoft software and gave up on the idea a long time ago (about a year ago). If you have an RP and a guitar there may be other ways. If you don't have a USB interface and like the unit otherwise then trade up.

Option 2 get an amp and let's talk.

Edit: Please don't create 2 of the exact same threads at once (basically). I just saw your second one. Just follow what I said hear and delete your other thread.
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