Ok so my peavey hasnt been played in awhile. And when I go to play it It sounds mono tone, unless I hit it or shake it. What could the problem be, before I take her apart.
How did I know someone would say that. Oh well I guess Ill get a scredriver. Does anyone have a link to a cool cheap homemade pickup winder?
I also don't see what you mean by sounding monotone.

Google. You can do it, but, I'll help you anyways.
Do you have some sort of Rotary Tool, like a dremel?, or anything that spins, with variable speeds? Even a hand drill would work, you just have to go real slow. There was a really good guide on how to do this, I might've favorited it.

Nope, didn't favorite it.
Not sure, buy I guarantee theres a thread about it here.

EDIT: On the Dremel, the connector for the barrel sander works, you'd just have to take off the sandpaper, and get a larger washer.

They sell pickup winding brackets. The thing where you put the poles in, and wrap the wire around.
..I was watching my death.
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By monotone I mean It sounds half as loud as regular. Unless I shake it or hit it, Or ask it to dinner lol... than it plays regular for awhile.

But I did google and found a sewing machine one that I like. I may build that.

If I need to rewire the guitar what gauge Do I need?
I don't think Gauge really matters. I just use what's lying around.
But, the higher the gage, is better.(the smaller)

EDIT: Get at least 4 different colors though. It's easier that way, so if you need to take it apart, or want to mod it, it's easier.
..I was watching my death.
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