the fuse blew on my new amp, it came with a spair, but I'm not sure what caused it to blow, it was plugged into a power strip, but we had a storm the other night so I guess it could have been a power surge or something.... I know the power flickered on and off

thank god the amp came with a spair, so where do I go to buy a new fuse in case this one blows too

where could I find one, like radio shack or something
Hey eberg2.

Yes a place like Radio Shack. Yes, unplug your gear during a storm if you can. It's no different than a high end TV or Stereo. Your fuse may have burned due to another problem however. What amp do you have again? I forget.

It is possible you need power tubes too but let's not jump to conclusions. Does your amp work now?

cool, thanks, I have a feeling it was another problem or just a ****ty fuse, I have an epi valve special, I replaced the fuse and it has been fine well, since I posted this thread, I didn't even see a reply till now lol