Hey, I have ripped a track from a multi-track recording I did the other day; you can hear it if you go on my profile. I am trying to do half tone bends in each case, but to me they sound horrid and out of tune. Lol, I just wanted someone else to listen and tell me if they are indeed out of tune. I don't know whether the unpleasant tom-cat wailing sound is coming from the fact that I do not "stop" the bend, I bend up, and then bring the string right down. This was intentional because it gives the song a more angsty feel. But anyway, please listen and tell me how out of tune these half tone bends are. Thanks!
I suddenly feel a whole lot better about both my playing ability and my guitar tone.
Some sound ok but a lot sound out - although I don't have the greatest ear. Have you tried practicing by playing your target note, then bending to it, then playing the target note again to check - repeatedly? If not, try it - it helps a lot.
When I had problems bending in tune I'd just play a song I liked and fiddle about until my guitar and the song were around the same level of volume (guitar slightly louder) and that way I found when I would bend it would stand out and sound wrong.

This way I learned how far to bend for half whole etc. and it'd probably work better doing it with a gp tab rather than the cd
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you need more practice but pretty good. Oh and btw i heard some pinch harmonics in there (sorta crappy ones but still) is that just me?
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Some good some no. The way i learned the bends is :

1. Guitar connected to tuner
2. Choose a random note
3. bend it
4. check the pitch in the tuner
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