Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the forum - interesting stuff so far. In any event, my main concern is that I cannot seem to locate any tabs for "Wash Jones" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers. It's a manic song, and one of my favorites. Any ideas? Favorite SNZ songs?


I found a decent way to play it, but it's not exactly right. I suppose I'm not 100% super-professional at these things, but what can you do? I know a few people that have the gift of perfect pitch, and one fellow who can play a song after hearing it just once, and they are all riding so far up there on their high horses that they can't possibly make time for a regular guitar player's simple request. This is a common problem where I live; if you don't study music professionally, you are not considered an artist. *sigh* Ah well, I'll feel better when I visit an artist's community near here soon. It's a peaceful place.

Have a marvelous day,