Many artists use the larsen effect (feedback is the common term) in all genres. Many of these Genres consist of Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Punk Rock, and of course rock and roll and probably a lot more genres but these are the main ones you hear it used on purpose.

If you really honestly have no damn clue what feedback is or what is the technical parts of it go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_feedback

I'd like to discuss how to create different types of feedbacking, good usage of it.

Many guitarists have no idea you can indeed feedback on the bass and it is done more often than guitar feedback in the hardcore genres it creates almost a rumbling explosion quickly right before its done sustaining gets high pitched and boom. its very epic for build ups.

I have a few questions for bassists how do you feedback? feel free to answer bassist or not.
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I love feedback for some reason. I am not great at making it because of my amp but I like it. Check out the Velvet Underground for a good usage of feedback.
i always seem to get on the notes that i dont want it on!

A quality amp does help though
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all
Hendrix was definitely the master of controlling feedback.
Intro to Wild Thing was out of this world, along with Machine Gun. Who could ever forget the feedback he used in Machine Gun? Better yet, his version of The Star Spangled Banner from Woodstock?
Weezer's Blue Album has a great example of feedback. Only in Dreams by Weezer. Check it out, really creative uses of feedback throughout the entire song.
ok cool :P. Anyone know how to bass feedback though? i wanna learn how. :P.
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ok cool :P. Anyone know how to bass feedback though? i wanna learn how. :P.

I'd would guess that you would want to use a bass distortion pedal. I think bass heads also have gain knobs as well. Try that.

I'm not really a bassist, but I have one.
anyone else know if theres a way without a disto pedal / Gain. i mean i've seen people do it live... =/
Go up to your amp and hit your bass some? It's the same concept as generating feedback on a guitar.