I just bought this cheap explorer guitar neck and i'm having some issues determining the scale. i've read that you can double the distance from the nut to the 12th fret to get the scale. I did that and my neck has the same scale as a strat (25 1/2)...however, my neck is 24 frets and is longer than a strat neck. wouldn't that make it a different scale than 25 1/2?

I also matched it up with my roommates MIM strat and the frets are the same size and also my neck heel matches the screws on the strat...its just that my neck is a little longer. so is it 25 1/2 or something different? thanks
You measure scale from the end of your bridge to the nut, way more accurate.

Scale differs from pickup placement (if a neck pick up is further back, more room for the neck to be in the body), number of frets and how large they are and probably a few other things.

A strat has a 25.5" scale because the way the neck is positioned on the body is more "off" the body than a 24.75" scale guitar with 22 frets.

And an ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 has 24 XJ frets, but a 24.75" scale because the neck pickup is pushed back more.

Hope I helped.
ya I just have the neck, no body so I can't measure from the bridge. So my neck is 25.5 but in order to fit in lets say a strat I would have to cut into the heel to make it work?
Yeah. In fact, the Strat neck pickup is directly under where the 24th fret would be if a Strat had 24 frets. So I don't see it fitting on a Strat. Look at it this way: On a 24 fret guitar that has the same scale length as a 22 or 21 fret, the 12th fret will be the same distance from the nut and bridge. You can make frets all the way to the bridge if you wanted, but the 12 fret would have to remain the same distance.
Or he could just have a 26.5 scale guitar. You could still tune to standard with that...
27" scale is baritone. Lol.