So I've been playing guitar for a short while now I'm still a noob though, and I'm looking to upgrade my amp. I play in a band with my friends and were getting ready to start playing live shows, and become more serioues. But to get to the point.

I need to upgrade my combo amp. I have like a 15w fender one now, but im ready to get something better.

I mostly play pop punk, punk kinda stuff
I can probably spend up to about $500
I don't mind a used amp
i have a line 6 floor pod, so I Need for it to sound good in conjunction with it.


Any suggestions?
Rythemguitar for punk...(I assume you mean the hardcorepunk sound as you also reffer to poppunk(Sigh) ) I'd believe that you should just go for as much wattage for the money, Let volume and gain go to the max... More or less...

Maybe one thing where the MGs acually could be useful, but then again, when you get better, and maybe changes playingstyle, you would not want to be stuck with such an amp...

But as I said, for punk I'd say anything that goes loud and distorted.

Btw, if you aint gonna mic it, then remember some earplug.
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