I started having piano lessons, but I got bored. It was all about keeping my fingers in the same position, i.e. keeping my 1st finger on C and 5th finger on G and working out the notes in relation to each other. Then we moved and mastered the "G position" were my 1st finger (right hand of course) went on G.

This continued for a while however I felt, when trying to play songs that are.. admittedly beyond my reach, without the hand positions, I played it poorly, but got a larger sense of achievement. I just.. meh. I'm not really getting anywhere either way..

My question is, has anyone ever taught themselves piano, and if so, how did they go about it?
You do realize it's not something learned overnight? Those inane practices are done for a reason.
I taught myself over about 3 years. Specifically practice each hand until you can do it by muscle memory alone, then slowly start incorporating them together.

Naturally, this isn't easy, and will take some time.

Also, employ you're guitar theory. Learn the chords/key signatures and modes to best of your ability.

This is all provided you don't care about reading sheet music and want to play by ear as I do.
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I have taught myself every instrument i know. Cant explain how I learned them I just set out to learn them and did.
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I usually think he's kind of a prat, but I agree with Zaphikh on this. The boring repetitions have a serious point. I wish I could remember the name of the excercise, but nothing will make your fingers quicker and nimbler than the Variations.

#1: C-D-E-F-A-G-F-E-D-E-F-G-B-A-G-F............

They get immensely hard. You get good.


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I taught myself to play piano. I can't read notes, I'm sure I have ****ty technique, I can't tell you what I'm playing, but I still write songs that people have told me they like.
I know what notes to play and how I want a song to sound and that's all that matters.
I taught myself piano and I just can play. I'm not really a classical type of pianist. But I'd say have a very vivid theory backround and just figure it out from there.
I had lessons for a couple of years, then stopped when I took up guitar. When I started getting back into it (4 years later), I just started by transferring some of the stuff I'd learned on guitar. But all the exercises I did when I first started really paid off
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I've been teaching myself piano recently. It's really not that hard. I found some sheet music on the internet and have just been learning with that.
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There is a jordan rudess video that goes over various finger exercises which really if you do extensively there is nothing you can not then physically play. place the fingers down try and lift fingers 1 and 3 then 2 and 4 etc.

In terms of self teaching piano is a lot easier than other instruments because its all laid out in front:-

1) learn the basics of theory
2)practice major and minor triads
3)practice scales and arpeggios in the easiest keys first eg Aminor Cmaj etc
4)learn tunes you like..i did space dye vest, tetris theme, nothing else matters, fur elise, a carcassi guitar thing, wait for sleep then butterflys and hurricanes now im doing jazzy stuff.

I find it useful to practice exercises and improv when watching tv or something, otherwise i just wouldnt put in enough time doing isolated focus practice. All the muscle memory stuff i tend to do without thinking about it.
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I'm a self taught Pianist, I've been playing for like 2 years and I think I'm pretty good, I really suck at theory though. I have a couple of piano recording on my skills section in my profile.