Hey guys I'm trying to create chord progressions in c#m but really can only think of two, and I'm feeling like I need some help from you musical masters who might fortunately gaze upon this. One of them is C#m , A , E, b
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EDIT: what style?
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Well that leaves D# Diminshed (use carefully) F#minor and G#minor
Learn to use maj7th chords, I find personally that too many vanilla Major chords make a minor progression sound uh... 'lame'. That's just my opinion anyway, never hurts to learn variations a lot of guitarists I know abuse suspended chords and the like to good effect.
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Style makes no difference. Keep 'em coming. Sound bites too if possible, why not.
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Not diatonic, but its a cool chord prog. IMO... And yes >_> I love adding 2nds to chords, they're epic. And incase you don't know, XXsus2 = Root, 2nd/9th and 5th. XXadd2 = Root, Third, Fifth and the 2nd, or 9th IIRC. 2nds and 9ths are the same BTW, just depends on the context and location in the chord for the name, for example, 024x00 is Esus2, but 024100 is Eadd9 IIRC... I'm probably wrong on this though. I'm **** at naming chords.
^ Typically you just say add9 no matter what.
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