Hahah much appreciated man!

My recording setup is really far from desired....

currently I use:
ESP KH-202 (EMG-HZ-4 pickups)
Direct into Line 6 POD 2.0
Sound Baster Audigy soundcard
DAW - Adobe Audition 3.0
Fruity Loops 8.0 for drum programming and synths
Vocal Mic - Edge ESM-101S

So yeah...pretty simple. I'd really love to upgrade to a decent interface and if I ever get out of this apartment get some nice recording mics for my 5150....but for now....gotta do what you gotta do.
Sure...let me see if I can figure them out....unfortunately I have the patch saved but have moved the knobs since then....I'll at least give you a close approximation. Also, i used the same patch for both this and Jotun....unfortunately I also do some parametric equilization/compression and what not when i mix in Adobe...so there might be some dissimilarities between the patch sound and the sound in my cover. But enough blabbering....here are the settings....

Guitar 1:
Amp Model - Modern HiGain
Output lvl: 6.5
Drive: 9.5
Bass: 7
Middle: 9.5
Treble: 10
Channel Volume: 8
Reverb: 0.5-1.0
Effect: Compressor
Effect Tweak: 1.0

Guitar 2:
Amp model: Brit Hi Gain
output lvl: 6.5
Drive: 9.5
Bass: 6.5
Middle: 9
Treble: 10
Channel Volume: 10
Reverb: 1
Effect: Compression
Effect Tweak: 1.5

I also Quad track my guitars in Adobe. So I record Guitar 1 hard left With the A.I.R set to direct and then record Guitar 1 at about -80 with A.I.R set to Amp. And then Guitar 2 hard right on direct and then Guitar 2 at 80 set to Amp. i've experimented with a bunch of different methods and this one gave pretty good results with the equipment I'm using. Hope this helped man.
Sounds cool man! I gotta try that. Thanks man!

Also, what did you do for the compression? I want to know how and when to use one on guitar tracks. Usually I just record and do some post-EQing. Any tips? Your songs sound freakin pro dude

EDIT: You just plugged the POD right into the 1/8 jack on your soundcard?

and what cabs did you use?
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Well unfortunately I don't know if there's a single right answer about the compression....I'm still fairly new to the whole mixing/mastering process but from my research I've found that people compress at any stage depending on what they feel is right....so my personal preference at this point is that I add a slight compression to the guitar bus in the multitrack session....but I also add a hard limiter which is a type of compression. Then after i create the mixdown I add a multiband compressor to the whole mix. Of course I try not to overdue it because the effects of over compression are pretty obvious I've found. So it's generally a matter of trial and error for me.

I wasn't aware the POD had cab options....unless you're referring to the amp models which was Modern Hi Gain and Brit Hi gain for guitar 1 and 2 respectively. The POD I'm using is actually a friends so I'm not familiar with the in's and out's of it. I have heard that there is a footpedal and software that comes with it??? Neither of which he gave me so perhaps that might be where the CAB's get modified?? not sure.

And to answer your question yeah I just plug the output of the pod straight to the 1/8 jack on my soundcard. unfortunately this means it's in mono since the POD supports left and right channel outputs...but i don't have a splitter or anything.....so i jsut use one output. So just another reason I want a decent interface haha.

But thanks again man! It's good to hear my mixes don't sound like **** hahaha
Yes the POD has cab options. I assume you used the ones it gave you when you selected that amp, obviously?

You hold down the tap button and choose one of the cabs on the effects knob. I like the first and 3rd 4x12's best.

On the compression topic, you put a compressor and limiter on the individual guitar tracks and then compression at the end? I'm new to this whole getting good quality recordings thing too... it seems you are way ahead of me Care to give any tips on what I should do to my recordings? (in my profile)

For the drums, did you make them from scratch? Or did you open a wav/midi file with them already made? (I've never used fruity loops before; IDK if it has that feature)

Thanks for all the help man, sorry if I'm bothering you. Your covers kick ass. Nice quad tracking too.
My Setup
Epiphone SG
Ibanez RG2EX1

Line 6 Vetta
Peavey Vypyr 15 for teh lulz

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No man...not bothering me at all. I love talking music as much as i love making it. Hahah.

Well damn....that's good to know about the cabs....i had no idea that was even an option....so holy ****....looks like i gotta do some more tweaking. Haha.

i do and I don't compress and limit the guitars individually haha....what i mean is I send the 4 guitar tracks to a single bus....then apply the compressor and limiter to the bus. I mean it's essentially the same thing as applying it to the tracks individually...but the single bus is easier to work with and easier on CPU usage during a session. I find that the compressor makes sure that my playing was pretty steady and doesn't get real loud at parts where i might be playing harder....and the limiter just adds some balls to the guitars without causing clipping.

Then I add the multiband compressor to the master track after I mixdown....that way I can get a more consistent sound with spiking or quiet peaks....also the multiband part of it lets me boost or depress certain frequency ranges....so if it needs some more low end i can boost that.

But yeah....i'm not a professional but I'll definitely take a listen to your tracks and see if I might have any beneficial tips for yah.
Oh and the drums I usually have in guitar pro and then cross reference them into fruity loops....it takes time but i find much better than GP drums. I already created a drum template consisting of about 30 pieces...some of which combining different sounds to make my own....for example I have three snares mixed together to create the one snare sound...and so on
Hey thanks man. I'm gonna give that compression thing a shot. Sounds like it really helps. Any idea if MyDrumset lets you import GP drum tracks? (crosses fingers)

MAJOR Thread jack btw

Thanks again, Sever

EDIT: Replied to your PM. It's in your profile, not on the actual forum, in case you didn;t know. I always get confused with that
My Setup
Epiphone SG
Ibanez RG2EX1

Line 6 Vetta
Peavey Vypyr 15 for teh lulz

Check my clips out

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Hmm never heard of mydrumset so unfortunately don't know if it will import GP tracks. If theres an import midi option you should be set to go??

Well it's been no problem man...I replied to your PM and got a little carried away haha.....but if theres anything else i can help out with let me know man.