The following are all of my choices. And all of them are left-handed and 4-strings. Which bass do you recommend for my style? I play all kinds of rock, and I play fingerstyle 65% of the time I play bass, and the other 35%, I play with Slap and Pop.
And the music I listen to is, Hendrix, RATM, Metallica, Pink FLoyd, U2, Nirvana, and other such musicians. Which of these basses do you think will fit my style? (rock) (Also my max. $450)

1. Ibanez SR-300 $450
2. Schecter Stiletto-4 Deluxe SCH2630 $441.97
3. ESP LTD B Series 4 string, B50 $389
4. Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass $364.50
5. Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass IV Active $330.75

Thank You.
I have played all of those except for the ESP and personally I'd get the Schecter.

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Ibanez basses, are great, I'd go for the SR-300. I've recently ordered a SR506 off the internet, and I still can't sleep.

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the vm or the schecter, i got the 5 striong version of that ltd and its built like a tank but the tone is not too great.
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