I always hear about you guys buying gear used on craigslist and ebay... but the problem is, when I go on craigslist, there is hardly any selection. If I search a specific model guitar, most of the time it's not on there unless it's a very popular one. I have to search an entire brand, and most of the time I can't find the guitar I was looking for... What makes this even stranger is I'm in the Houston area, which is very large. Am I missing something here?
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dont be so specific is all i can say, often times you wont fine exactly what you want.
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Craigslist is hit and miss! I check my local CL usually twice a day. And it can take time to find what your looking for but the payoff is usually worth it. I bought my amp off of CL but it was in another town 150 miles away. I also looked for about 3 months before I found it. So don't be afraid to check your surrounding areas also.
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i check craigslist nearly on the hour. i make a killing buying guitars that are in a little bit of need and resell them for more after i fix them up. craigslist will get you great deals with a little bit of patience and not having a superspecific model in mind.
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What do you search when you check? Just various brands or what?
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At least you American's have a Craigslist. Honestly, in Canada, Craigslist is like dead except for the Toronto listings. We are forced to use UsedEverywhere.com, and I can never find what I want.
Being addicted to Craigslist like i am, i check it multiple times a day. I scroll through everything, and click on anything that could be of relevent interest. Someone might list a Fender MIM Strat for $300 under the title "Electric Guitar" and you could glance right over it.

It's tough to find stuff, but if you keep looking, something is bound to pop up.
Don't be so specific.
Like for the guitar I was looking for, EC-1000 was all I needed. There's two available in my area, gently used for $750.

Then I looked for Solo-6, but none popped up. No one is selling schecters in my area. So I'll check some other time for the Solo-6.

Just keep looking. Don't give up. Have faith. Get on your knees, pray to God and kiss your ass everyday that Craigslist has what you're looking for.
i always search "guitar gaithersburg" (where i live) on craigslist

can't really be picky on craigslist. although there's pretty much ALWAYS a strat on there. when i posted my wolfgang i had 5 or 6 emails right away. you've gotta be lucky and fast, these things go to the first caller / emailer usually
I usually don't even search thru craigslist, I just browse thru everything. After some practice, you'll be able to skip over the crap quite easily. And CList has user classifieds, it can only have what people are trying to sell. I know that sounds obvious, but it is.
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