I have a 98 black Gibson The Paul II (Which I'm told is rare, but that's another matter) and I'm looking to replace the neck pickup, and I'm interested in the Dimarzio Super Distortion. I'd like to keep the stock 498 bridge pickup, since A: it sounds good, and B: I don't have the $$ to buy two SD's, since I already have to replace tuning keys, selector switch, and pots on my Ibanez.

Now, I'm decently sure from what I've read that the SD is probably a higher output than the 498, but my question is the output difference so great that it would sound like **** switching from the neck Super Distortion to the bridge 498?
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Yes, but the reason it would sound like **** is that the tones of the two pups are completely different. And higher output in the neck will sound like a huge volume shift because the string vibrations are wider in the neck area, so it will pick up more sound AND have higher output. volume difference is going to be your biggest problem. As a solution, I say put the dimarzio in the bridge and the gibson in the neck for now.
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