I just have a few questions

a) How are the pickups in it? I haven't heard them before.

b) Should I switch the pickups out for something else when I get it?

c) I'm thinking of getting it in transparent black? Thoughts?

Basically I just want a lot of input and information (other than what I know already) aside from what I;m asking.
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I personally think its a "bit" overpriced. you can get a custom guitar from carvin thats better than a jackson for $1200. $2500 is a bit to much to be spending on a guitar when you cant decide if you should switch out the pickups or not, or what color you want.

thats my 2 cents
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They're Seymour Duncans, although they're specifically metal/shred pups i doubt you'll need to switch them out (why would you WANT to spend MORE money after that)

And trans black is better than solid black IMO. (hell trans anything is better than solid anything....cept white XD)