I wasn't really sure where to post this, so I posted it here since I'll most likely be using there BOUTIQUE pedals and amps. But, I have one quick essential question. I'm going to be in Maine for a week and I was wondering if Musictoyz has an actual store at their address,or if it's a place where they just ship the goods.

Thank you in advance!
just some advice. if it doesnt specifically say that is in stock, it isnt. i got a wahwah from them and it took about 3 months to come. was worth it though since i got it for less than half the australian retail price.

Good to know poster above me(I was confused by that as well when I wassearching their site), but still doesn't help me with my current situation.

Time is of the essence UG!(By the way, I've messaged them and have still yet to recieve a response!). All I need is a yes or no answer