This is something I recorded today in about an hour.

Usually I write my songs in guitar pro first, but I just composed it as I went on my guitar while recording it. Most of the clean guitar leads were half improvised(Since it took me like 5 tries to record them, they were improvised, but with an idea in mind)

Most of the songs I write are metalcore, but this just came out like this, and I'm fine with it, it's something different.

It's on my profile called "Instrumental Song", tell me what you think.

i liked the mellower parts alot. the transition to the heavy parts didn't flow well.
I see what you mean now.

There really isn't a transition.

I think Im going to add my own drum part instead of using that drum machine. I could make the transitions better. I could play 4 notes of muted distorted chords at the end of the verses along with a drum fill to make the transition to the chorus better.

Thank you the critique.
Hey, man, I agree. That's really nice sounding. If you just added some better transition that's be awesome. Even without transitions it sounds awesome.