I have a Line 6 Pod X3 Live, (i know line 6 is stupid, don't tell me, it was a gift)

I directly put it into the USB, I use vegas 8.0 and audacity(on occasion)

BUt all of a sudden nothing gets recorded when i plug in, i've tried every normal solution but nothing helps, could someone help me please?
PODs are actually pretty good
are you not getting anything through vegas AND audacity?
if not then it is a problem with your pod
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change the default recording device to the pod if its not already

and the pod xt and up are really good. line 6 makes great products. its just the spiders that suffer.
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Check your USB Drivers on your computer, it happened to me once. Make sure they're the latest, driver conflicts can be a pain in the ass.

EDIT: Dude, make sure your Inout device is set to "USB Sound Card" in Audacity.
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