Pianists of the Pit, I need a suggestion for a classical piano piece to learn next. I am just mastering Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, and want another classical piece with a similar feel...not crazy difficult or anything (I'm just resuming playing after a several year break, but before that I played actively for a good six or seven years), and with a rather depressing mood to it.

Thanks in advance for the helpful suggestions.
There's a really good piano piece by Isaac Shepherd, but it's not classical, it's a modern work of his, and it's beautiful, it's called Before Dawn
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JS Bach, Partita No. 6 first movement.

Probably intermediate-advanced.

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Moonlight sonata Allegro


seriously though, Bach JS Prelude no1 bvw 846
Looking through old sheet music I found a couple of these pieces...but what's up with the end of the Rachmaninoff piece Prelude in C-Sharp Minor Op.3 No.2? It breaks into four staves???

Edit: Scratch that question, I'm being stupid haha.
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Mozart Fantasia in D minor.
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