Bassicly i've changed my mind completly.. imma save up for a engl thunder 50 or a engl invader 100 head...

I don't like line 6 as much anymore.. so i wanna change but still stay solid state for now..

i'm looking at the orange crush 30 watt and i like the sound to it..

But would it be good for lamb of god/slipknot/nickelback/green day/rammstein ect ect

I will probally end up buying a digitech metalzone or a boss ml-2 distortion pedal anyway... so even if the gain isn't 100% great for metal... i'll just go with it..

just wanna know if anyone owns this amp and what they think about it..

i've read some good reviews about it to.

I'm using a washburn WI14 & a schecter damien 6 FR for guitars

the Orange is meh...

What is your budget?
can you go used??
what kind of metal do you play?
do you gig?
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i'm not looking for anyone to suggest any other amps as i've already made a thread about that... i just wanna see what you guys think.. but i'm not looking for anything tube and nothing over 75 watts
they are decent but i really suggest going to the modeling route.

but if you dont wanna listen to me then get the Crush and use an AMT R1 on the clean channel
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I would take the Orange Crush, over its solid state competitors (MG, Spider III, Vyper, etc)
Its ok, but if your run one of those pedals it will sound horrid.
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Don't get it.

My Vox died on me so I bought the 15w off my friend (luckily only for £10), and it's a fairly dissapointing amp. Poor, undynamic cleans and generic distortion, not enough gain for what you need and a crap pedal like a Metal Zone will not improve it either. It's not worth paying for brand new or for more than £20, in my opinion.

If I were you, I'd get something else like a Roland Cube or a Peavey Vypyr (despite my opinion of the Vypyr, it's miles better than the Crush). You might be as well sticking with your Spider, to be honest.

The thing with the Orange is that it comes from the same ethos as the Marshall MG series. Make a poor amp with the right cosmetics and people will equate it with greatness.