well i'm trying to find a new guitar. i was thinking about a 7 string that was perfect for me but sadly it isnt in my mom and dads income sooo i had a few questions.

like... what the difference between an edge 3 tremolo and a floyd rose?
i play a lot of metal but when it comes to playing on the clean side i need a good tone...
i was looking at some jacksons and were wondering how they were. also i saw some ibanez's i liked like the RG4EXFM1 but i saw the bridge was and edge3.. help is appreciated
Edge III is a pretty good Floyd Rose Knock off.
If you want clean Duncans are right up your ally but you won't get a distorted tone as good as EMG's. (in my opinion) Go for Alder or Mahogany bodies they give a nice warm tone.
What's your budget anyway?
It's Duncan designed so yeah it has a pretty good clean tone my only complaint is the basswood body.
The basswood body might be a little muddy sounding for the lows, but it'll be sort of lightweight.
Look for a used Ibanez RG7620/7420 or 7621/7421. The models ending with "0" have a floating trem. The 7420 has a TRS which isn't great, but the 7620 has a Lo-Pro which is awesome. The models ending in "1" are hardtail guitars. I got my 7620 for $380 used in good condition. When they were in production, they sold for $1200 new.